We create engaging stories that stimulate thinking, facilitate change and build community. Our clients include cultural institutions, government agencies, design and communication firms, the education sector and non governmental organisations. The subjects of these films are diverse: strategic leadership, wildlife conservation, early childhood education, Māori education, special needs education, environmental advocacy and farming case studies. We strive for authenticity in our work, shooting primarily in a documentary style.

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One of the motivations behind Jemma Jeffs and Paul Saker-Norrish setting up Yoga Rhapsody was to give those to whom yoga is not readily accessible, the chance to experience its innumerable benefits. They recognise that the cost of yoga and live music is often a prohibitive factor and have worked voluntarily with groups such as Evolve Youth Service, CanTeen, Women's Refuge, elderly groups, Active Youth Service, and Alpha - Art studio.

YOGA rhapsody – 'Breathe'